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Getting down with your Irish roots

Posted by Megan Brothers

Good luck of the Irish

As promised from last week, I will be exploring the Ireland trip that is offered here at JMU. The link provided shows everything you need to know about the trip including program cost, dates, places of study, and what the program is about. The other fun part about the website is that it has links to the students’ writing/photos/videos that they worked on while in Ireland in past years. It also has photos from the trip and a testimonial video which is pretty cool, so check them out!!

Ireland is somewhere I have always wanted to go. I don’t know what its appeal is. Maybe it is it’s mystic mountains, or irish pubs, or the singing and dancing of the Irish folklore, or maybe its because I have a lot of Irish descent in me, who knows. But regardless of why you are attracted to the particular country, Ireland is definitely a place to look into, whether studying or traveling for pleasure.

For those of you who are, say, “illegal here in the US,” the drinking age is 18 over in Ireland, so for those of you that are of age, Ireland has that option. Scratch that, Ireland has many options. As many of us know, the Irish know how to drink. So if you go to a pub in Ireland, I wouldn’t recommend a drinking competition with the Irish; you’ll get drank under the table. For more information about the Irish and their alcohol content, read this article about why the Irish drink so much; which I thought was pretty interesting.

Besides drinking and the eccentric nightlife, Ireland has many other things to offer. If you can nurse your hangover from the night before, Ireland is a land worth exploring. Depending on the area and time spent in Ireland, I’ve found some things to do while in Ireland. 

1. Visit the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin. According to travelers, it is a “must see before you die” item, even for those who don’t like the taste of beer; sampling the extra dark beer is a must when visiting Dublin.

2. Festivals galore. According to the “things to do in Ireland” site, no matter what time of year you go to Ireland, you are bound to experience some kind of festival. After all, the Irish know how to enjoy themselves. Can you imagine what St. Patrick’s day looks like if every day is a celebration? A town painted in green, toasting beer bottles and cheering all night; what a sight to see.

  • To actually see Ireland from the local’s perspective, take a look at this youtube video. Its about 9:30 minutes long, but I think it accurately depicts what I’m talking about.

3. For those of you not quite at the legal age, or those who need to take a break from all the parties Ireland has to offer, take a relaxing cruise on the River Shannon, the longest river in Ireland.

4. Visit St. Patrick’s cathedral. See what all the hub-bub is about St. Patrick by going to that website. When in Dublin, this is a must see for anyone who knows anything about Irish tradition, or St. Patrick himself.  St Patricks Cathedral

5. This is something that wasn’t really on any itineraries that I found on the web. I was on a few months ago and came across these pictures of beautiful cliffs, called the Cliffs of Moher. When I was reading on, which I didn’t save, otherwise I would show you the actual link I used, it showed people walking near the edges of the cliffs. Apparently, there are no guard rails or anything. There are tours that lead you on a path, but staying on the path is not mandatory, but recommended. The winds near the edge are sometimes unbearable, forcing people standing too close to the edge to plummet to their deaths. The US Coast Guard is always on duty in case something like that does happen. However, do not let that stop you from witnessing the absolute beauty that these cliffs provide. Feel free to google search the cliffs for more outstanding pictures as well. Also, for those of you Harry Potter buffs out there, in the picture underneath this text, you may notice the rock formation jutting out of the sea. Yup, that is where Harry and Hagrid went in the first movie when Hagrid rescued Harry from the Dursleys!! 

So whether studying abroad in Ireland, trying to escape the homeland for some peace and tranquility in the mountains and scenery, or getting down with your Irish roots in the pubs and festivals, Ireland has something for everyone to enjoy!


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8 thoughts on “Getting down with your Irish roots

  1. Posted by Megan Brothers

    So I hope you enjoyed my post about Ireland; I certainly learned a lot and this post made me really want to go to Ireland. I had a lot of fun posting about this, mainly because, like I said, I am very Irish, and Ireland is somewhere I have always had an interest in. I didn’t really have any trouble with the blog this time around. I know how to link things to different websites, and actually know how to write a blog now that we have looked at other blogs and examples and stuff. It’s a lot of fun writing about things that interest you so much. I’m really excited for next weeks blog. For next week, I was going to change it up a little bit and instead of posting about a country that JMU offers for study abroad, I figured I would do maybe a list and some commentary or satire about the do’s and don’ts of traveling…world traveling at that. As someone who is well traveled, I may be a little bit biased to the stupidity of some travelers these days. Stay tuned for next weeks post though, it should be a lot of fun.

  2. You should definitely study abroad if you get the chance! I spent Summer 2010 in London, and while it had its ups and downs, it was an incredible experience I’m very thankful for. 🙂

  3. Wow, I really want to go to Ireland now. I have been interested in it more recently. I probably won’t study abroad there, but I like reading about all of the options of what to do there. And it looks beautiful, thanks for sharing!

    -Tiffany Wheeler

    • Thanks! Yeah, I was reading about everything and I really want to go too. Ironically, I was watching TV over the weekend and something pooped up about Ireland; something like a commercial or when I was flipping through channels? Think its a sign? Haha

  4. Kassie Hoffmeister on said:

    I, too, have been interested in going to Ireland and all of the information you have provided is really fascinating. I like that you have provide different areas of Dublin to appeal to all different travelers. I’d really want to visit the local festivals or even the Cathedral. Anyways, great blog post! Definitely things I would love to visit if I ever got a chance to go over there.

    • Thank you! As I was just saying to TIffany above, I too would LOVE to go there. I have a lot of Irish relatives and I think going there would be so much fun. So many festivals and history and obvious beautiful scenery; whats not to love?

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